Free music for Atmospheric

21      1    0    04:12
Exciting Synthesizer Trance with spherical Sound Design for Sports, Adventure, Action, Laser Shows and much more.
65      1    0    02:34
My Godfather-esque tear jerker composition.
49      1    1    03:50
A digital daydream, nestled in a simulation while watching a simulated sunrise...
381      27    5    03:33
Beautiful harmonic Melody with angelic spherical Pads, Choirs, Irish Flute and more. Ideal for Meditation, Yoga, Drone flights, Nature, Eroticism and much more.
409      26    5    01:25
Tense build up. Dark track.
100      4    0    04:18
Just a little forest area with some birds of varying specie talking in the background. The occasional rock being disturbed by some creature of the woods...
129      6    3    04:02
Well, zephyr may not be EXACTLY what these sounds are. They're typically a little bit calmer. There happen to be a few calm wisps of air in here, layered with some sustained winds. I just like this word :)
289      13    1    02:53
Window of respite with this atmospheric track.
107      4    0    04:14
I'm not sure how pronounced this is around the world, but here in Florida a storm can break VERY suddenly. Like, not a cloud in the sky and suddenly moisture is condensing and thunder and lightning are in full swing. Dynamic weather - this captures a little bit of that...
63      2    0    04:38
Maybe you like the ocean but you really hate birds? :). Well, here's Ocean Daydreams, sans the seagulls for you.
40      1    1    04:42
Light rain storm with some very distant thunder that swells here and there. Consistent rain, inconsistent thunder. Nice bed of ambient noise...
88      2    3    04:24
Ok, this one could make you feel a few different things. You could feel like you're trapped under water, or maybe you're into scuba diving and you're exploring a cenote, or underwater cave. Either way, you're not on the surface with this one...
45      1    0    06:28
Okay, this one was fun to make. I liked simulating the stone crashing down the mountains, and having the low roar of rolling eruptions in the background. Even added in some hissing air to simulate pyroclastic flows!
40      0    1    04:46
I plan on visiting the beach today, so this is an appropriate sounding patch! Ocean waves and seagulls - falling asleep on a beach towel listening to this is incredibly therapeutic. Enjoy the surf...
37      0    0    04:14
Generally speaking, night sounds are pretty calming. This piece has a bunch of crickets and creaky critters in the background. An airy patch in the background started sounding like very, very distant traffic on a highway, almost undetectable. So I'm going with it :)