Free music for History

Dark film and background music from a pre-medieval long-forgotten era
407      12    2    03:12
Mystical Meditative Music with pre-medieval Instruments and dreamlike Voices.
968      41    7    02:33
Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is very near to classical and soundtrack, and the rhythm is a waltz. The mood is contemplative and expressive, also a little...
4656      356    80    03:06
Sounds from the Middle Ages. Ideal for Film, Audio book, Medieval Markets, Fairy Tales and much more.
3393      182    66    02:18
Quiet Medieval Music for Medieval Market, Film, TV, Games etc.
1459      85    24    02:20
Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is classical piano and the mood is lively with some point of sentimentalism. The play of the piano is expressive, and the...
2598      156    42    01:41
Music composition made for piano. The rhythm is very calm and has some melancholic and nostalgic mood. The style is piano blues music and the main idea is taken from...
4495      297    61    02:08
Beautiful Romantic Medieval Music
1257      112    7    02:40
Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is Soundtrack and neoclassical music, and the mood is calm, nostalgic and expressive. This music fits perfect for films and tv series...
3365      219    42    02:04
Instrumental music made for piano and strings. The sytle is very close to soundtrack classical music background, and the rhythm is slow and calm. the mood is sad, and the...
3745      240    50    02:12
Instrumental traditional celtic tune from 1700, made for guitar, tin whistle, uilean pipe and fiddle, great for nature documentaries and films in bucolic and rural scenes in Ireland, Scotland and...
3200      197    43    02:55
Instrumental music made for piano and strings. The style is Classical Waltz, and the mood is emotional, sentimental and conemplative. The rhythm is steady but is plenty of dynamics and...
2680      169    35    02:05
8043      504    104    02:36
Instrumental musikc made for piano solo. The music is mellow and sweet, and the rhythm is steady and dynamic, and the feeling is lively and uplifting, but calm and soft...
3333      217    41    01:44
Traveler is one of my most popular pieces. It’s a celtic fantasy piece with so much melody and harmony that it’s difficult to comprehend. Imagine traveling in either a group...
14453      933    167    04:07